sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Semana del 18 al 22 de abril 2016

Estimados padres de familia:

Durante esta semana los alumnos identificarán características  culturales de la comunidad étnica de Honduras. Aprenderán acerca de las diferentes autoridades municipales y departamentales. Conocerán acerca de la integración económica de Centro América. Aprenderán acerca de las reformas liberales en América.

Segundo Grado
Los alumnos identificarán algunas características culturales de los  departamentos y su población étnica.

Tercer Grado
Los alumnos aprenderán acerca de las autoridades municipales y departamentales.

Cuarto Grado
Los alumnos conocerán acerca de la integración económica de Centro América. Los alumnos elaborarán un proyecto de un mercado. Para esta actividad deberán traer algún grano básico como frijoles o arroz. También si tienen algún objeto o monedas centroamericanas serán de gran ayuda. La actividad se realizará el día jueves 21 de abril 2016 hora de la clase.

Quinto Grado
Los alumnos aprenderán acerca de las reformas liberales de América.

For Everyone:

RECYCLING CHALLENGE:  Students keep bringing in your recyclable materials (newspapers, magazines, notebooks, paper board boxes, cardboard, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles) for the recycling challenge given by Arca de Esperanzas.  Remember that juice and milk boxes and Pringles-type cans cannot be recycled due to being a pressed mixture of aluminum, plastic, and paper.   Thank you for continuing to support environmental awareness.  Class that meet their challenge of bringing 10 lbs per student will earn a cookie party!

PICAMIEJO PRESENTATION – do not forget to send the L100 for the presentation this Wednesday, April 20 if you have not done so yet.  This is one of many activities that we have planned for La Semana Del Idioma Español. There will be a follow up literary discussion and extension project concerning this presentation.

GARAGE SALE – The DPTO is oirganizing a garage sle for next Saturday, April 23, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 m. Tables are available for only L400. Please help the DPTO by spreading the word about this activity with families and friends! For more information, or to reserve a table, please contact cbanegas@discoveryschool.edu.hn

SUMMER CAMPS AT DISCOVERY SCHOOL - Like last year, there will be two summer camps in the month of June. Discovery Zone 7 will be a fun, artistic and entertaining camp for children 3 to 9 years old. There will also be a reinforcement camp for reading, writing and French for students in grades K-2. Both camps will run from June 13 to July 1, with the same schedule (8:00 a.m. to 12:00). Transportation is available at a small additional cost. If you or a relative/friend is interested, more information can be given to you by Ms. Carolina or at the accounting offices in school.

ECONOMICS BAKE SALES – the third graders will be conducting their integrated Math/Social Studies bake sales on April 21 and 28. They will really appreciate the support of fellow students as they conduct their economics activity. 

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